About Us

For as long as I have known, I have been a food, health and fitness enthusiast. From playing outdoor sports as a kid, to learning new fitness activities as an adult, I have thrived on how good I feel after these activities.

Having studied nutritional metabolism in college, I found the process of breakdown of food to produce energy very fascinating. Being a food, nutritional science and now a yoga lover, clean AND tasty eating is very important to me. 

This is why I decided to create this venture that stimulates me creatively, intellectually and sensually. I experimented with basic ingredients like dates; nuts and organic chocolate and I really liked what I made. I realized that there are a lot of very healthy supplements out there that can be incorporated in my products. For instance, there’s moringa leaf powder that is packed with substantial levels of vitamins A, E and K, Iron, protein and fiber. Then there is the anti-inflammatory turmeric. There are many more like ginger, spirulina, gooseberry and others I’m yet to discover.

I honestly believe that food is thy medicine and prevention is the best cure. Healthy food can be very tasty. Our products are free of refined sugar, sugar substitutes, preservatives or any artificial color or flavoring. Our hope is that our products are as tasty or even better than the popular snacks and become the go to snack of people.