Superfoods and Immunity

No one likes to be ill. Feeling under the weather can have impact on every area of your life. These days, the threat of COVID-19 is like a dagger over our heads with every symptom like sore throat, cough or loss of taste making us paranoid about whether we have the disease or not. What can we do to prevent illness? We may do our best to avoid the infection: stay locked in, wear masks, sanitize our hands repeatedly, etc, but sometimes, we get infected despite our best efforts to stay safe. So what really helps to recover fast? What makes our system resilient and bounce back to health? It is the healthy lifestyle choices that we make everyday. Recovering patients have mentioned that vaccination along with focusing on fitness and diet helped them to minimize the viral impact. The combination of exercise and a balanced diet that includes plenty of good quality protein, wide variety of vegetables, some fruit, healthy oils and plenty of clean water builds a strong body.

You may think of eating supplements, but they have additives and need energy to breakdown and may not be effective. It is the nutrients from food-based sources that are more bioavailable and easily absorbed by the cells in the body. Consistent consumption of these foods builds a resilient immune system. Our aim has been to utilize the abundant nutrient dense foods available to us and make delicious healthy treats. Some of the immune boosting ingredients in our products are:

  1. Turmeric and black pepper; The dream team! The active ingredient in turmeric is curcumin. When it is combined with black pepper, the bioavailabilty increases by a whopping 2000%!! Turmeric has potent anti-inflammatory properties. Try our turmeric and black pepper energy balls to get this nutrient.
  2. Moringa; Moringa oleifera leaves are are an extremely rich source of iron (32.2%) and vitamin A (18.9%). The leaves are also a good source of protein (27%), which is one of the highest in a non-legume plant. All of these are essential for the normal functioning of the immune system. The high content of Vitamin A makes it very good for skin too!
  3. Lemons; Lemons contain Vitamin C that helps to maintain the immune system. They also contain polyphenols that regulate immune responses. Our lemon bar is one of the delicious ways to get your Vitamin C!
  4. Ginger; Ginger is naturally warming. It acts as a natural decongestant and soothes digestion. It is perfect for coughs, colds and upset stomachs. So reach for our ginger cashew balls when you have a snack craving! Ginger combined with creamy cashews and held together by dates is really yummy!
  5. Pumpkin seeds; These are a part of our moringa balls. They are rich in zinc, which helps to fight off colds and infections.
  6. Cinnamon; A part of our nuts and seeds bar, cinnamon improves your insulin sensitivity and is good for the immune system overall. It can reduce bacteria’s ability to multiply and help you recover from colds quicker.

So try our products, which not only give a nutritional boost, but also pack a punch in terms of taste and flavor. Our snacks are the ones you’ll feel good eating!